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Obsolete Equipment

Scenario: We have old, unused and obsolete equipment that has been sitting here for too long, taking up space while it is depreciating in value. We don’t know what we should donate to charity, what should be properly recycled or what still has value that we should sell. We would like to know what the good items are worth and what we should do to responsibly dispose of all the rest.

All Goods Electronics is here to provide you with complete asset recovery services. We can buy all of your old or unwanted equipment and provide immediate removal services. We can also responsibly recycle all of the E-Waste and Electronic Surplus that you need us to remove. Your assets will be disposed of in accordance with all local and federal environmental rules and regulations. We will go the extra mile to make sure that you are completely satisfied with how clean we leave your space after we are there. We are experts at asset purchasing and recycling services, but there is a lot more that we can offer. Below is a list of what we can do for you:

Pickup and removal of all unwanted electronics
Data Destruction Services and Certification
Hard Drive Data Erasure (DoD Approved – Certificate of Destruction)
Security cleansing and identity theft protection
Certification of recycling and good citizenship
Consignment Services, (we can sell your items of value for you).
Warehousing and Storage services available
Warehouse & Facilities clean out services
De-Installation/Removal Services (multiple business locations – retail recalls and returns)
Facility Clean-Out Management (office furniture and cubicle tear down and removal)
Asset Recovery (we purchase used IT and business assets).
Paper Shredding

Donation Services – If you have items of value that you don’t want to sell but would rather donate to a charity, we can arrange it so donations from your company will go to the charity of your choice, free of charge.

Please contact us for a conversation or to schedule a meeting with an experienced professional to discuss how we can best be of service to you. We are here to provide you with fast, fair and friendly service. You can reach us by calling (831) 440-9051, by email, (support@agerecycling.com), or simply complete the form on our Contact page and an All Goods Electronics Specialist will do all we can to be of service to you.