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At least 2.5 million tons of e-waste is generated in America every year. The leading source of waste products in North America is e-waste. Fifty million tons of electronic waste is generated globally every two years. About 70 percent of electronic users hold unwanted electronics in their homes.

One of the most challenging problems today in the waste stream is electronic waste products, particularly because of their quantity and the fact that they are of high toxicity. E-waste products which include electronics such as computers, televisions, computer components and more contain harmful substances like mercury, lithium, lead, Brominated flame retardants, PVC plastic, phosphorous coating and cadmium that produces dioxins upon burning.

Improper disposal of these used electronic products releases toxic materials to the environment, posing a great threat to human health.

Toxic substances in cell phones and laptops: These are the two most commonly used electronics across the globe, and they contain very harmful substances. Most of the harmful products are contained in the circuit boards including mercury- in relays and switches, lead- in solder and more.
Laptops and certain smart phones are known to incorporate heavy metals such as hexavelant chromium, cadmium, arsen and beryllium.

Adverse effects of E-waste

Improper dumping of used electronic products affects the inhabitants of the planet in general. Birds, animals, aquamarine life and sea mammals are no exception and virtually every organism, since the toxic are released to the atmosphere as well as into the water sources. The waste also seeps into the soil and the air, contaminating food crops and the general vegetation, putting everything and everyone at risk.

Creating awareness of e-waste effects is the first step towards solving this chronic problem. We strive to keep 100% of all material received by All Goods Electronics out of landfills and rivers. Our first intention is to repurpose the good used E-Waste we receive to put it to the workforce. We also partner with
e-Steward, R2 and ISO recyclers for much of our specialty recycling. This ensures that downstream partners separate the items received into their base materials, i.e., plastics, glass, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), etc. and then convert them into raw materials that can be resold to industry partners.

This is where All Goods Electronics can make a real difference in the world.

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