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Business Merger

Scenario: We are merging with a larger company who has comparable telecom and networking equipment. We need to know what we should standardize on and what equipment will no longer be required to keep our phones ringing and networks operating efficiently. Once the merger is complete we will need the out of service hardware to be purchased and professionally removed.

Business Acquisition Client Scenario

Scenario: We just purchased a company and along with it we now own all of their computer electronics and networking assets. Our current computers and systems are much better than those of the newly acquired company, and we’d like a fair price for someone to write us a check and remove all of that unwanted hardware and office furnishings.

At All Goods Electronics we have the ability to assess the current market value of all kinds of equipment. If given the opportunity to be a solution provider in scenarios like the ones above, we can come through for you by taking a complete network inventory. We will then determine which pieces of equipment are most likely to properly serve your current and future business. We will then outright purchases, liquidate, donate or recycle the rest. Once you give us the go ahead, we will immediately get to work on getting you a fair return on your initial investment.